Ford Cortina Mk2 Savage Estate

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Ford Cortina Mk2 Savage Estate

Being one of only a handful of Savage Estates produced, this is a very rare car indeed. The car has been subject to a full restoration back in the early 90s and is now starting to show some minor issues. The car appears to be painted in a non-original colour which may also be addressed, however,the owner is not keen on it's original colour and therefore is to be decided.

The first job on this Savage Estate was to get the inside of the shell repaired and preped for the new colour.
The floors had some damage to them and holes that were no longer required. The floorpan was stripped back of all the old paint, anti drum pads and sealer. Once the floor was repaired and the excess holes welded, the boot floor area and the rest of the inside was preped. A coat of etch primer was applied to all the bare metal areas followed by the entire inside being primed with a 2-pack primer. All the seams could then be resealed to the floor and boot area. The floorpans to the passenger compartment had a coat of anti drum sealer sprayed on in readiness for the new paint. The next job will be to move on to the exterior of the car and the engine compartment.

As previously mentioned, the car had a full restoration in the early 90's so corrosion was not a major issue with this car. Some areas had started to show some signs of blistering so these were taken back to bare metal to reveal some minor surface rust in places. These was spot blasted prior to being re-coated with an etching primer. Both rear wheelarches had been previously replaced so these areas were again, taken back to bare metal prior to be re-repaired. One of the main issues with the car was that the panel fit was not quite as nice as it could be, much time was spent on adjusting this and smoothing out panels.

The only area of the vehicle that needed corrosion repair was one rear door. The lower section of the skin had some corrosion which had also affected the frame. The outer skin section was cut away to allow acces to the inner frame and the corroded section of inner frame was cut out and a new section welded into position. Once this had been completed the lower section of door skin was replaced using a piece cut from a damaged but new doorskin. The engine compartment was completely striped back to bare metal, some minor repairs carried out and treated to a coat of etching primer.

It was then time for the car to be primed so into the oven for a few coats of high build primer. Once the shell had been completed, it was left for a few weeks to allow time for any sinkage and to ensure complete curing of primer. Next was the painstaking task of carefully block sanding by hand the complete car. Once this had been done all the seams to the engine compartment and body were resealed and the car wheeled back into the booth. It was masked in readiness for its fresh coat of paint, after degreasing and tacking the car, its new colour was ready to go on.

The car was to be refinished in Ford Aqua Jade Green as the owner wished to change from the red. The basecoat was applied prior to three coats of laquer. Once painted the car was refitted with its panels and front and rear windscreen. The underbody was treated with a black rubberised anti-chip coating. The car is now ready to go back to its owner as he is re-fitting the car himself.

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