1973 Mk3 Ford Cortina 2000 GXL

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Ford Cortina GXL

Simon, a previous customer of Restore-A-Ford decided to have a light restoration on his recently acquired Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL. The car appeared to be in very sound condition although had suffered a poor quality previous paint job in the wrong shade of green. This was one of the reasons why Simon decided to have this car restored. Upon arrival at our workshop, a look under the bonnet revealed it had an engine fault, as most of its oil was spread all over the engine compartment. This led Simon to request an overhaul of the engine at the same time as the restoration. He also decided on a new vinyl roof, a set of wheels and a new set of front brakes due to the fact they were binding.

Both front wings appeared to be in excellent condition but upon removal it became apparent they had been previously replaced with new Ford panels. All they required was blast cleaning and minor damage repairs carried out before they were ready to be refitted.

The insides of the wings were etch primed and underbody guarded in preperation for refit. Before the wings could be refitted some attention was needed to the rear areas of the wing mounting rails and the A-Posts. Once this had been completed the inner wings were cleaned of all old sealer and underseal before being treated with black rubberised underbody guard.

The next area to be dealt with were the floors and inner sill areas. These had suffered poor patch repairs over the years which had to be cut out before the floor could be repaired properly. Sections were hand fabricated for the floor and inner sill repairs. These were then etch primed and sealed once completed. The wings could now be refitted to the car.

The rest of the car was in comparison in fair condition with the exception of both lower rear corners of the quarter panels, these were replaced with repair sections along with a corroded part of the quarter panel just below the vinyl roof.

Both rear quarters had previous damage repairs carried out which needed attention, along with some work to the rear panel. Fortunately, with the exception of some damage the doors the bonnet and boot were in excellent rust free condition. However, due to the poor previous paint work, they had to be stripped back to bare metal. The vinyl was removed in readiness for the paintwork preperation.

After the car had been stripped to bare metal, it was primed with an etch primer prior to being primed with a high build primer. The car was preped in readiness for its new coat of paint including the engine compartment and all shuts and returns.

The new vinyl roof was fitted along with all the other trim parts, new parts were sourced by Simon including rear bumper, wheel arch trims and body mouldings. Due to 'blowing oil', the engine underwent a full rebuild including rebore, new pistons, crank grind with new shells, head re-face, new gaskets and seals throughout. It was painted along with other components to the engine bay. The wiring loom was re-taped to give that as-new apperance. The car was re-finished in its correct colour of Onyx Green which we are informed is the only GXL on the register in this colour. The only change from original is the fitment of Rosstyle Wheels as requested by Simon.

Simon's comments: Well... Lets see what he thinks when he comes to pick it up!!

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